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While Drew McIntyre’s determination manifests itself in pure destruction, there’s a Superstar on SmackDown LIVE that’s just as determined who could end up as WWE Champion in 2019.

After spending much of 2018 establishing himself as The Heart & Soul of 205 Live, Mustafa Ali arrived on Team Blue and brought the fight to WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in his first night on the brand and defeated him in his second match on SmackDown LIVE.

While he may not possess the size and strength of a McIntyre, Ali has an arsenal of high-flying moves that have immediately established him as one of Team Blue’s top stars. Most importantly, there’s no keeping Mustafa Ali down. His will to continue fighting, even in the most dire circumstances, may help Mustafa Ali capture sports-entertainment’s most coveted prize a lot sooner than people expect. — BOBBY MELOK

Where to Watch The Heart of Smackdown Live
  • WWE Smackdown Live Time: Tuesday's 8/7PM CT Channel: USA Network

  • WWE PPV Time: Sunday's 8/7PM CT Channel: WWE Network
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Note: Mustafa ONLY has a Instagram and Twitter account. Any other accounts pretending to be Carmella should be reported immediately .

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