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We take a look back at what happened last week between Samoa Joe and Mustafa Ali when they were supposed to meet in the ring.

Ali says he used to run up and down these streets as a police officer to protect and serve. He learned an important lesson. Eyes do not lie. Samoa Joe decided to jump him from behind. Joe kept asking him ‘Do you understand’. Ali says he understands but it wasn’t all of the kicks and punches or having his head cracked against the ring post that made him understand. It was the eyes. Your eyes told him that he was not worthy to be in the ring with him and that he was not worthy. Ali tells Joe to look into his eyes. Ali says he has no fear, only purpose. His eyes show that there is nowhere to run or hide. Ali says he can beat Joe.

Match Number Three: Samoa Joe versus Mustafa Ali

Joe with a jab and he backs Ali into the corner. Joe with more jabs and kicks in the corner. Joe chokes Ali and forces Ali to the floor. Joe chops Ali on the floor. Joe breaks the referee’s count and he tries to send Ali into the ring post but Ali leaps to the apron and hits a cross body. They return to the ring and Ali with a drop kick. Ali with punches in the corner and the referee pulls Joe away. Joe with a chop and head butt. Joe sends Ali into the turnbuckles and Ali goes to the apron to avoids Joe. Ali with a punch and Ali goes for a slingshot move but Joe pushes Ali to the floor.

Joe kicks Ali in the chest and chops him. Joe sends Ali back into the ring and he punches Ali and kicks him in the head. Joe stretches Ali as he works on the back. Ali with kicks but Joe with a back elbow to stop Ali. Joe gets a near fall. Joe kicks Ali and sends him into the turnbuckles. Joe with jabs and elbows to Ali. Joe tells Ali that he wanted this. Ali with punches. Joe with an Irish whip followed by a running back elbow and enzuigiri for a near fall.

Joe works on the neck. Ali with punches but Joe with a knee and kick. Ali goes to the apron and hits a round kick and follows with a rolling X Factor. Both men are down. Ali with a drop kick and he follows wit a second one that sends Joe to the floor. Ali with a suicide dive. Ali is sent into the time keeper’s area and Ali with a forearm and punches. Ali is sent back into the ring and Ali kicks Joe and hits a series of super kicks. Ali with a tornado DDT and he gets a near fall. Ali pulls Joe into the corner for the inward 450 splash and he goes to the turnbuckles but Joe crotches Ali and then applies the Coquina Clutch and adds the body scissors to force Ali to tap out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

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