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Survivor Series Results-November 24th,2019
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Team Raw: Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens & Randy Orton & Ricochet & Drew McIntyre vs. Team SmackDown: Roman Reigns & Braun Strowman & Ali & Shorty G & King Corbin vs. Team NXT – Survivor Series Elimination Match.

BIG WALTER chant early. He, Drew and Braun were all in early. Braun got mauled. They stomped him down. Drew and WALTER then began beating the hell out of each other with chops. WALTER kicked him down, then hit a lariat on Braun in the corner. He caught Drew with a big German suplex, then went for one on Braun. Braun elbowed his way out of it but WALTER drilled him back. WALTER and Braun faced off. WALTER kicked him with a big dropkick but was nailed with the Claymore Kick and pinned.

The crowd HATED that and chanted “BULLSH***!”

Damian Priest entered and wiped out Drew with a lariat. He nailed Braun. Ricochet and Shorty G tagged in and they had some great back and forth sequences ending with Ricochet being hit with the Chaos Theory. Matt Riddle tagged in and locked up with G. They went back and forth and faced off. It was fun. Riddle kicked him. G tried to roll him up but Ciampa made the blind tag and kicked G in the face. Owens tagged in and hit a frog splash, eliminating G. The story was he could have gone after NXT or Smackdown and went after Smackdown.

Roman tagged in but Baron was mad and argued with him. That allowed Owens to superkick Roman and went for a stunner on Corbin, who escaped. Roman was killed with an Owens cannonball on the floor. He nailed a stunner on Corbin but upon entering the ring, was nailed by Ciampa and pinned. Owens eliminated. Orton docame behind Ciampa looking for an RKO but Ciampa saw him coming and clotheslined him over the top to the apron. Ciampa teased the hanging DDT but Orton escaped and drilled him.

Orton smashed Ciampa on the apron. He began unleasing the Garvin Stomp. Priest tagged in. Orton hit an RKO and pinned him. Priest eliminated. Riddle nailed a big knee strike and rolled up Orton, scoring the pin. Orton eliminated. He hit an RKO on Riddle on the way out. Corbin covered Riddle and pinned him.

Keith Lee and Braun Strowman faced off for the first time. Drew nailed Lee before they could interact. Braun clotheslined him and knocked Team Raw off the apron. Strowman ran around ringside, wiping out everyone on the floor with shoulderblocks. This time, Keith Lee charged at him and they crashed and burned, smashing into each other. Drew nailed Braun with a Claymore kick on Braun. Drew and Lee rolled into the ring. Braun was counted out and eliminated.

Ricocher hit some big dives, including one on Roman but was caught with End of Days and pinned by Corbin. Ali hit some big dives but Ciampa sent him into the ring post. Ali avoided it. Corbin got in his face for not listening. Ali shoved him away and returned to the ring but was caught with a stomp and pinned. Big CM Punk chant. It’s down to Roman and Corbin for Smackdown. Drew and Rollins for Raw. Ciampa and Lee for NXT.

Drew nailed an Alabama Slam on Ciampa for a two count. He set up for the Claymore Kick but Roman speared Drew and pinned him, eliminating Drew. Seth Rollins is left on Team Raw. He rolled up Roman for a two count. Roman nailed the Driveby. Keith Lee was looking for a tag but Corbin blasted him off the apron. Corbin tagged in and began berating Roman. Roman had enough and hit the Superman Punch on his own partner and allowed Ciampa to pin him. Roman is last man on Team Raw.

Ciampa was beaten down by Roman and Seth. Keith Lee hit the ring and the former Shield members worked him over. The crowd booed that. Roman and Seth faced off. They dumped NXT from the ring and faced off. They went to the floor and set up putting Ciampa through an announcers’ table. They set up the Shield powerbomb through a table but Lee charged and took them out with a big tackle. Lee went for a powerbomb of his own but Roman shoved him backwards into the ring steps,

Back in the ring, Ciampa nailed Rollins with Project Ciampa for a CLOSE two count. Ciampa went for the Fairy Tale Ending but Rollins slipped out and nailed a superkick. Ciampa avoided a stomp and nailed Rollins with a big knee. Ciampa was caught with a Superman Punch and a Seth stomp. Ciampa was pinned and eliminated.

Keith Lee is the last man left repping Team NXT. He stepped to Reigns and Roman, who even working togethger, were getting wrecked by him. Rollins escaped a Lee powerslam and nailed a series of superkicks. Rollins went to the top and hit a frog splash but Lee kicked out before three. The crowd loved that. Rollins began stomping his boot for the superkick but Lee caught him with a Jackhammer for the pin. Rollins eliminated!

It’s down to Keith Lee vs. Roman Reigns. They faced off. Roman nailed a pair of Superman Punches but Lee kicked out at the last second. They teased the idea the ref made a big call and Lee was actually pinned. Roman set up for the spear but Lee caught him and hit a powerbomb for a CLOSE TWO COUNT. Lee missed a moonsault. Reigns speared him and pinned Lee.

Your winners, Team Smackdown!

Survivor: Roman Reigns!


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