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Survivor Series Results-November 24th,2019
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Team Raw: Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens & Randy Orton & Ricochet & Drew McIntyre vs. Team SmackDown: Roman Reigns & Braun Strowman & Ali & Shorty G & King Corbin vs. Team NXT – Survivor Series Elimination Match.

BIG WALTER chant early. He, Drew and Braun were all in early. Braun got mauled. They stomped him down. Drew and WALTER then began beating the hell out of each other with chops. WALTER kicked him down, then hit a lariat on Braun in the corner. He caught Drew with a big German suplex, then went for one on Braun. Braun elbowed his way out of it but WALTER drilled him back. WALTER and Braun faced off. WALTER kicked him with a big dropkick but was nailed with the Claymore Kick and pinned.

The crowd HATED that and chanted “BULLSH***!”

Damian Priest entered and wiped out Drew with a lariat. He nailed Braun. Ricochet and Shorty G tagged in and they had some great back and forth sequences ending with Ricochet being hit with the Chaos Theory. Matt Riddle tagged in and locked up with G. They went back and forth and faced off. It was fun. Riddle kicked him. G tried to roll him up but Ciampa made the blind tag and kicked G in the face. Owens tagged in and hit a frog splash, eliminating G. The story was he could have gone after NXT or Smackdown and went after Smackdown.

Roman tagged in but Baron was mad and argued with him. That allowed Owens to superkick Roman and went for a stunner on Corbin, who escaped. Roman was killed with an Owens cannonball on the floor. He nailed a stunner on Corbin but upon entering the ring, was nailed by Ciampa and pinned. Owens eliminated. Orton docame behind Ciampa looking for an RKO but Ciampa saw him coming and clotheslined him over the top to the apron. Ciampa teased the hanging DDT but Orton escaped and drilled him.

Orton smashed Ciampa on the apron. He began unleasing the Garvin Stomp. Priest tagged in. Orton hit an RKO and pinned him. Priest eliminated. Riddle nailed a big knee strike and rolled up Orton, scoring the pin. Orton eliminated. He hit an RKO on Riddle on the way out. Corbin covered Riddle and pinned him.

Keith Lee and Braun Strowman faced off for the first time. Drew nailed Lee before they could interact. Braun clotheslined him and knocked Team Raw off the apron. Strowman ran around ringside, wiping out everyone on the floor with shoulderblocks. This time, Keith Lee charged at him and they crashed and burned, smashing into each other. Drew nailed Braun with a Claymore kick on Braun. Drew and Lee rolled into the ring. Braun was counted out and eliminated.

Ricocher hit some big dives, including one on Roman but was caught with End of Days and pinned by Corbin. Ali hit some big dives but Ciampa sent him into the ring post. Ali avoided it. Corbin got in his face for not listening. Ali shoved him away and returned to the ring but was caught with a stomp and pinned. Big CM Punk chant. It’s down to Roman and Corbin for Smackdown. Drew and Rollins for Raw. Ciampa and Lee for NXT.

Drew nailed an Alabama Slam on Ciampa for a two count. He set up for the Claymore Kick but Roman speared Drew and pinned him, eliminating Drew. Seth Rollins is left on Team Raw. He rolled up Roman for a two count. Roman nailed the Driveby. Keith Lee was looking for a tag but Corbin blasted him off the apron. Corbin tagged in and began berating Roman. Roman had enough and hit the Superman Punch on his own partner and allowed Ciampa to pin him. Roman is last man on Team Raw.

Ciampa was beaten down by Roman and Seth. Keith Lee hit the ring and the former Shield members worked him over. The crowd booed that. Roman and Seth faced off. They dumped NXT from the ring and faced off. They went to the floor and set up putting Ciampa through an announcers’ table. They set up the Shield powerbomb through a table but Lee charged and took them out with a big tackle. Lee went for a powerbomb of his own but Roman shoved him backwards into the ring steps,

Back in the ring, Ciampa nailed Rollins with Project Ciampa for a CLOSE two count. Ciampa went for the Fairy Tale Ending but Rollins slipped out and nailed a superkick. Ciampa avoided a stomp and nailed Rollins with a big knee. Ciampa was caught with a Superman Punch and a Seth stomp. Ciampa was pinned and eliminated.

Keith Lee is the last man left repping Team NXT. He stepped to Reigns and Roman, who even working togethger, were getting wrecked by him. Rollins escaped a Lee powerslam and nailed a series of superkicks. Rollins went to the top and hit a frog splash but Lee kicked out before three. The crowd loved that. Rollins began stomping his boot for the superkick but Lee caught him with a Jackhammer for the pin. Rollins eliminated!

It’s down to Keith Lee vs. Roman Reigns. They faced off. Roman nailed a pair of Superman Punches but Lee kicked out at the last second. They teased the idea the ref made a big call and Lee was actually pinned. Roman set up for the spear but Lee caught him and hit a powerbomb for a CLOSE TWO COUNT. Lee missed a moonsault. Reigns speared him and pinned Lee.

Your winners, Team Smackdown!

Survivor: Roman Reigns!

Monday Night RAW Results-October 14th,2019
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We return and this match is already underway. Ali takes out Andrade with a headscissors and he rolls from the ring. Ali wants to hit a dive but Vega climbs on the apron to prevent it. Andrade slides back in and dodges Ali before delivering a dropkick to the ribs of Ali.

Andrade yanks the arm of Ali but then eats a big kick to the face. Ali leaps to the top rope but Andrade shoves him off and to the floor. Andrade poses in the ring. Andrade goes out and slams Ali shoulder-first into the ringpost. Andrade breaks the ref’s count, then grabs Ali and wraps his arm around the bottom rope and pulls it until the referee counts to four.

Ali fires back with a slap but Andrade halts it and hits a flying knee in the corner. Andrade applies an armlock but Ali fights out and reverses a back suplex. Andrade again locks-in the armbar around the ropes until the referee stops him. Ali knocks Andrade from the ring and looks to dive but again Vega gets in his way, so Ali flips over her and lands on Andrade!

Ali gets Andrade back in the ring and, while the referee is distracted, Vega hits a hurricanrana from the apron to Ali! Andrade gets Ali back in the ring and hits the Hammerlock DDT for the win!!




Smackdown Live Results-August 27th,2019
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Match Number One:  Mustafa Ali versus Buddy Murphy in a First Round King of the Ring Tournament Match

Ali with a chop and Murphy tosses Ali into the corner.  Ali with a back flip and a head scissors that sends Murphy to the floor.  Murphy with a running Harley Race knee for a near fall.  Murphy kicks Ali in the corner.  Murphy with an Irish whip and back body drop for a near fall.  Buddy with a knee to the back and he gets a near fall.  Murphy with a chop and boot to the head.  Ali with forearms but Murphy with a sleeper.  Ali with elbows but Murphy with a clothesline that flips Ali.  Murphy with a near fall.  Ali with a lateral press to counter a belly-to-back suplex attempt.

Murphy with a near fall after a clothesline.  Murphy with a reverse chin lock.  Ali is able to escape but Murphy sends Ali face first into the middle turnbuckle.  Murphy with an Irish whip but Ali with a kick and a second kick.  Ali with a catapult into the turnbuckles.  Ali with a drop kick to Murphy and Buddy goes to the floor.  Ali kicks Murphy back to the floor and Ali with a suicide dive.  Murphy misses a splash into the corner and Ali with a kick and he goes for the rolling X Factor but Buddy sends Ali over the top rope to the floor.

Murphy with a plancha onto Ali.  Murphy sends Ali back into the ring and Buddy goes up top.  Buddy misses a move off the turnbuckles when Ali moves.  Ali with a super kick and reverse rana for a near fall.  Ali puts Murphy in position but Murphy grabs the ankle to stop Ali.  Ali goes to the turnbuckles and Murphy stops him and he hits a super kick against the turnbuckle.  Buddy with a power bomb for a near fall followed by a knee and suplex for a near fall.  

Ali with a punch to the midsection and a forearm.  Murphy with a forearm.  Murphy blocks a forearm and connects with a series of strikes.  Ali with an enzuigiri that sends Murphy to the apron.  Ali with a satellite DDT in the ropes and then Ali goes up top.  Ali iwht the 450 splash for the three count.

Winner:  Mustafa Ali (advances to face Elias)

After the match, Murphy offers his hand and Ali shakes it.  Buddy raises Ali’s hand and leaves the ring.

WWE Super ShowDown Results-June 7th,2019
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50 Man Battle Royal

Everyone you could think of was in this.  Even Michael Bennett.

They gave Miz, Elias, Cesaro, Samoa Joe separate entrances from everyone else.   Elias sang a song. They then did the same with Titus, playing off his Greatest Royal Rumble flub.  Titus was hiding under the ring before finally getting in the ring.

The Singh Brothers were crowd surfed out of the ring.  Everyone battled.  The 50 competitors fighting looked pretty cool.  Beyond that, it was standard battle royal fare.  Titus actually tossed out both Viking Raiders.  Ricochet took out Jinder.  

They noted Mansoor had nearly 30 family members at the show.

Cesaro did the big swing on Cedric Alexander.  Nice to see WWE remembered they have him and Buddy Murphy under contract!

Sin Cara was hit with the Kinshasa by Shinshuke Nakamura but still came back to eliminate him.  Rusev tossed Cara.

Miz hit the Yes Kicks on Cesaro and Elias.  Ali and Ricochet hit some cool aerial offense on Cesaro.

Samoa Joe went after Ricochet but he and Ali were able to double suplex Joe over the top to the floor.  Cesaro came back to knock them over the top, eliminating them.  Mansoor knocked Cesaro over the top but was attacked Elias.

Mansoor hit a superkick.  Elias tried to toss him over the top but Mansoor landed on the apron.  Elias went after him but was backdropped over the ropes to the floor.

Your winner, Mansoor!



Smackdown Live Results-May 21st,2019
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Match Number One: Mustafa Ali versus Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega)

They lock up and Almas backs Ali into the corner. Ali with a wrist lock. Ali with an Irish whip and Almas goes Tranquilo in the ropes and Vega joins him. Ali sends Almas to the floor and Ali with a kick. Almas with a clothesline for a near fall. Almas with a chop and wrist lock. Ali lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Ali with a reverse rana for a near fall. Ali with a front face lock and Almas pushes Ali away. Vega gets on the apron and distracts Ali long enough to allow Almas to connect with a drop kick as Ali comes off the turnbuckles.

Almas with a boot to Ali. Almas sends Ali to the floor and Almas follows. Almas sends Ali into the apron and then back into the ring. Almas with an arm bar in the ropes. Almas kicks Ali in the arm. Almas chokes Ali in the ropes. Ali with punches and Almas with a back elbow. Almas gets a near fall. Almas with an arm bar. Ali with a float over in the corner and Almas with a satellite gourdbuster. Ali works on the arm. Ali with punches followed by a drop kick. Ali with a tornado DDT to Almas and Almas goes to the floor. Ali iwth a suicide dive followed by a flip dive.

Ali cannot send Almas back into the ring due to the damage done to his back. Almas with a shoulder tackle that sends Ali off the apron into the ringside barrier. The referee starts his count. Ali gets back into the ring and Almas kicks Ali and hits a suplex and then holds on for a second one. He holds on and slams Ali into the turnbuckles. Almas has the referee count Ali on the floor but Almas goes to the floor and Irish whips Ali into the ringside barrier. Almas with a chop and then he runs Ali back first into the ring post. Almas biels Ali into the timekeeper’s area.

Ali gets back in the ring moments before the referee got to ten. Almas puts Ali in the corner and kicks him. Almas turns Ali around and hits the running double knee strike to the back but Ali kicks out. Ali with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

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Money in The Bank Results-May 19th,2019
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Match Number Eleven: Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Andrade versus Ali versus Drew McIntyre versus Finn Balor versus Randy Orton versus Baron Corbin versus Ricochet

Balor and Andrade square off while Drew sends Ricochet into the turnbuckles. Orton with a back drop driver to Ali on the announce table. Balor and Ricochet clothesline Baron over the top rope and then Orton trips Balor and hits a back drop driver onto the announce table while Ricochet hits a plancha. Orton kicks Ricochcet and hits a back drop driver onto the announce table. Orton brings a ladder into the ring and then starts to set it up.

Orton climbs the ladder but Andrade drop kicks the ladder. Andrade with a back elbow to send Orton to the floor. Corbin and Drew with ladders to hit Andrade. Drew hits Balor with a ladder while Baron hits Orton with a ladder. Ricochet with a facebuster to Drew and Ali with a rolling X Factor to Corbin. Ali with a suicide dive through the ladder to Drew. Andrade is sent over the top rope by Ricochet. Ricochet sets up the ladder and Ali stops him.

Ali and Ricochet pull each other off the ladder. Ali floats over and climbs the ladder until Ricochet stops him. Ali is sent to the apron by Ricochet and Ali climbs the ladder to stop Ali. Drew and Corbin pull off Ali and Ricochet. Drew and Corbin move the ladder from the center of the ring. Corbin hip tosses Ali into the ladder. Ricochet punches Drew but Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly throw onto the ladder. Orton drops Drew on the top rope and Orton hits a hanging DDT on Corbin. Orton sets for the RKO on Corbin but Drew with a Claymore and Orton goes to the floor.

Balor gets to the apron and he kicks Corbin. Balor with a forearm to Drew and a Slingblade to Corbin. Balor drop kicks Drew into a ladder in the corner. Balor with a double leg take down and a double stomp onto the ladder on top of Corbin. Balor throws a ladder onto Drew. Balor climbs the ladder and Andrade hits Balor with a ladder and knocks Balor off the ladder. Andrade wedges the ladder into the main ladder and hands it from the ropes. Andrade pushes Ricochet off the turnbuckles and Ricochet hits the ring steps before hitting the ground. Andrade climbs the ladder but Balor climbs it too. Balor and Andrade exchange forearms at the top of the ladder. Andrade with a sunset flip power bomb through the ladder hanging off the ropes.

Ali with a tornado DDT to Corbin followed by a drop kick to Drew. Ali with a reverse rana to Ricochet. Ali adjusts the ladder and he climbs the ladder. Andrade kicks Ali to hang him in the ladder. Andrade gets another ladder and sets it up next to the one Ali hangs from. Andrade with a kick to the chest. Ali grabs Andrade and he gets back to his feet and they both climb up the ladders. Ali sends Andrade’s head into the top of the ladder. Ali with a Spanish Fly off the ladders. Drew gets a ladder from under the ring but Ali grabs Drew by the foot. Drew with a chop and Ali falls over the ladder. Drew puts the ladder on the apron and hangs the other end on the announce table. Ali avoids a press slam onto the ladder. Ali with a kick and then Corbin choke slams Ali through the announce table.

Corbin sends Drew over the ringside barrier into the crowd and Corbin pulls Balor off the ladder. Baron choke slams Balor onto the side of the ladder. Ricochet with a missile drop kick and then he goes for a suicide dive onto Baron but Baron catches Ricochet and hits Deep Six. Drew with a Claymore to Baron. Balor climbs the ladder and Drew hits Balor in the back. Drew throws the ladder at Balor. Drew suplexes Balor onto the ladder. Drew goes for the reverse Alabama Slam and he sends Andrade onto Balor. Drew pushes Balor off the ladder and he sets it up in the ring.

Ricochet with a springboard forearm to Drew. Ricochet climbs the ladder. Drew pulls Ricochet off the ladder and Drew tosses Ricochet over the top rope onto the ladder hanging on the apron and table. Drew sets up the ladder and starts to climb it but Orton pulls Drew off and hits an RKO. Baron sends Orton into the ring post and Baron climbs the ladder but Ali climbs over Baron. Baron sets for a power bomb but Ali sends Corbin over the top rope to the floor.

Ali climbs the ladder and he has the briefcase and Brock Lesnar’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Brock knocks over ladders and he pushes Ali off the ladder. Lesnar sets up the ladder and he climbs it and takes the ladder off the hook.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

We go to credits.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
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The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal returns to WrestleMania for the sixth straight year, and a multitude of Superstars from Raw and SmackDown LIVE will collide to see who will claim the contest’s coveted trophy.

The annual Battle Royal was introduced at WrestleMania 30 in honor of the late WWE Hall of Famer, Andre the Giant. Since then, the over-the-top-rope extravaganza has been an opportunity for the winner to carve out a legendary WrestleMania moment while catapulting his career to new heights.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal begins with all participants in the squared circle at the same time, and competitors are eliminated once they are thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. The last man remaining is the victor.

The following Superstars have announced their entry into the annual brawl:

Braun Strowman
Colin Jost & Michael Che of SNL fame
Apollo Crews
Titus O’Neil
Tyler Breeze
Jinder Mahal
No Way Jose
Bobby Roode
Chad Gable
Gran Metalik
Lince Dorado
Bo Dallas
Curtis Axel
Heath Slater
Shelton Benjamin
Luke Gallows
Karl Anderson
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy

Who will earn their WrestleMania moment in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal? Find out at WrestleMania, beginning at 7 ET/4 PT, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network.

Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship:Preview
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At WWE Elimination Chamber, “The New” Daniel Bryan will defend the WWE Championship against AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy and Mustafa Ali inside the dreaded Elimination Chamber.

The announcement came on the heels of the chaotic Royal Rumble pay-per-view, where Bryan survived Styles’ challenge thanks to the surprise arrival of Rowan. When the referee was inadvertently knocked down by an errant kick from AJ, Rowan rushed into the ring to smash Styles to bits with a menacing chokeslam, allowing Bryan to pin his opponent as the referee recovered for the three-count.

Two days later on SmackDown LIVE, The Phenomenal One emerged to take issue with Bryan’s tactics, only to be interrupted by a slew of the blue brand’s elite Superstars looking to stake their claim for an opportunity to challenge The Beard. Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe and Mustafa Ali soon joined the fray, and a snide comment from The Samoan Submission Machine to The Phenomenal One ignited an out-of-control melee between all five Superstars.

Bryan refused to face any of the competitors on the ground that they were all “fickle,” but WWE COO Triple H soon joined the party and informed the outspoken titleholder that he would face all of them inside the career-altering combat zone!

In the Elimination Chamber, two competitors will start the bout while the remaining four Superstars remain enclosed in pods. At specified intervals, a pod will open at random, enabling a Superstar to enter the match. This will continue until all six of the combatants have joined the bout. Any Superstar can be eliminated at any time via pinfall or submission and must leave the chamber. The last Superstar standing will be the WWE Champion.

Don’t miss WWE Elimination Chamber, Sunday, Feb. 17, streaming live at 7 ET/4 PT on WWE Network.

Smackdown Live Results-January 29th,2019
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We are back and WWE Champion Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring. We see photos from the match from Sunday night.

Daniel asks if you know who won this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble? Daniel says it was each and every one of you. You all won and your children won. Your children’s children all won because Daniel Bryan won. Because a victory for him is a victory for every sentient being on Earth because he is the planet’s champion. Daniel says he does not expect all of you to understand what he is saying because none of you know what winning feels like. Daniel says he found someone who understands the truth in everything Daniel says. He did not come out for Daniel, but for the greater good.

Daniel brings out Rowan.

Daniel asks what do you see when you see Rowan. You see the dirt under his fingernails and think he is a mindless runt. He spends time at night reading. Daniel says Rowan is his intellectual peer. He can see through the facade of AJ Styles. AJ Styles could be right some time. He suggested that Daniel was a hypocrite. Daniel says he is a hypocrite. It is because he carries around this belt.

Daniel asks for a trash can and Daniel says this is a symbol of excellence but it is also a symbol of excess. It is gaudy, made from cheap labor, and bound to the skin of a cow whose life was taken from her. Daniel says the cow who gave her life was named Daisy. Daisy had the ability to feel immense joy which she did not get to enjoy much of in this life. She also had the ability to feel immense pain. She was forced to give her life for this symbol. This symbol is the very thing that Rowan and he stand against. Daniel throws the title in the trash and says that the title belt is trash.

Daniel says when he became the WWE Champion, he would change the world. To change the world, we need new symbols.

Rowan gives Daniel a new belt that is the new symbol of excellence. This is your new WWE Championship.

Daniel says the people are ignorant. This belt is made from 100% organic sustainable hemp from a naturally fallen oak.

AJ Styles interrupts when his music plays.

AJ asks Daniel if he thought he would sit in the back while Daniel threw the WWE Championship in the trash. AJ asks Daniel if he smoked the prototype. AJ says for someone who doesn’t like corporations, Daniel found the biggest insurance policy . .

Randy Orton’s music interrupts and we go to commercial.

We are back and Jeff Hardy is now in the ring and Mustafa Ali makes his way to the ring to talk about what he has done.

Orton asks Ali if he was eliminated by a girl at the Royal Rumble.

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring and he says he is not here to ask for permission. He is here to make a champion go to sleep. He says he will take care of the Viper and it will come from somewhere. Joe tells Jeff he already beat him and he tells Jeff to shut up like he is at an AA meeting. Joe tells Ali that he got lucky on Sunday. Joe says Ali’s eyes don’t lie because they were closed when he put you to sleep. Joe asks AJ how is Wendy doing.

AJ punches Joe and Orton with an RKO to Joe. Hardy with a Twist of Fate to Orton.

Daniel says none of you are going to get a chance.

Triple H appears on the TitanTron and he confirms for Daniel that he will not be taking on any ONE of those superstars. You will be defending the WWE Championship against all of those superstars in the Elimination Chamber.

We go to credits with everyone brawling. AJ and Joe go into the crowd while Orton sends Ali into the ringside barrier.

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10 Things We want to see happen in 2019 -WWE Article
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While Drew McIntyre’s determination manifests itself in pure destruction, there’s a Superstar on SmackDown LIVE that’s just as determined who could end up as WWE Champion in 2019.

After spending much of 2018 establishing himself as The Heart & Soul of 205 Live, Mustafa Ali arrived on Team Blue and brought the fight to WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in his first night on the brand and defeated him in his second match on SmackDown LIVE.

While he may not possess the size and strength of a McIntyre, Ali has an arsenal of high-flying moves that have immediately established him as one of Team Blue’s top stars. Most importantly, there’s no keeping Mustafa Ali down. His will to continue fighting, even in the most dire circumstances, may help Mustafa Ali capture sports-entertainment’s most coveted prize a lot sooner than people expect. — BOBBY MELOK